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Windows 8 do not see devices on my network

Network and Sharing Center Windows 8

As you can see in Figure , Windows 8 doesn't even include a basic map of your system on the network nor is there a See full map link. There's not even an icon next to the network name

Figure 1

















However, if you check out the Ethernet Properties as shown in Figure 2, you'll find that the entire Link-Layer Topology Discovery protocol is present and functioning in Windows 8. Since the LLTD is functioning, we know that the network information it contains is available.

Figure 2


















The Network Explorer
Let's now take a look at the Network section of File Explorer. As you can see in Figure E, the default List view shows just the name of the device and the context menu is devoid of a Properties command. As such, on the surface it appears as though the Network won't be of much assistance.

Figure 3





















However, if you change the View to Details and then access the Choose Details dialog box from the Current view tab, you can add more network based information to the display. As you can see in Figure F, I have selected the IP Address and MAC Address check boxes.

Figure 4



















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